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Affiliate Program Earning Structure

Earn affiliate commissions even from FREE members when you UPGRADE!
Get access to the pre-sale of the
Solvia Social Like and Share Packages!!

How do you earn?

There are several opportunities including earning for FREE!
There is also the affiliate opportunity and the Solvia Social Like and Share Packages!
There is a way to earn without sponsoring!

Affiliate Commissions

Upgraded members have the advantage. You are able to refer members to the website. Free-verified members will give you 10% of their Airdrop. When a referred member upgrades you get $5 in BTC at the time of withdrawal! Plus 10% of their Upgraded Member Airdrop!

Airdrop Details

The Airdrop is automated. Every 500 Upgraded members, 5,000 SVA will be disbursed. 60% to Free-Verified Members and 40% to Upgraded Members. Ugraded Members also receive the VERIFIED airdrop. The Solvia is automatically sent to your Solvia Online Wallet at a rate of 10% each month.

Package Interest

Each package receives 0.52% per day for 200 days. The package comes with Like and Share credits to be used in Solvia Social. Members of Solvia Social earn from Members who like and share their posts! Details coming soon! Packages are not subject to member purchases. Just 1 purchase will still earn!


Complete 3 actions to become a FREE - VERIFIED Member

  1. Verify Email
  2. Activate 2FA
  3. Attach your Solvia Online Wallet

It's that simple! No Downloading! No syncing your wallet! Can all be done in less than 5 minutes!


Upgraded members are able to refer!
Get access to the Solvia Social LIKE and SHARE Packages!

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the sooner you get a Package!

$10 each Package!
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What Makes Solvia Defi Different?

The Demand for ZERO Circulation

Solvia - The Demand for Zero Circulation:
Solvia is the first of it's kind. It has an unlimited demand for the circulation supply to be ZERO. It goes beyond the first 10 years outlined in the video below. Everyone can STAKE, and though this is in circulation, it is also locked by the Delgation to the Validator. You can always unlock it and withdraw it to your wallet, but the demand is there because the 10% APY is permanent. Watch the video and learn how ZERO circulation can be created by having ZERO Supply!


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