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Confirmations in 0.4 seconds make Solvia one the fastest cryptocurrencies available. With scalability!


Solvia uses the same secure cryptographic code as other cryptocurrencies and a proof of history protocol.


Layer 1 programming makes Solvia able to do almost anything and it will. Includes Dapps, Smart-contracts, Tokenization, NFTS and Defi.

Grant Conracts

Grant contracts meant to get Solvia to the top and create a greater ecosystem.


Built for development and designed for world success, Solvia can change everything.


Solvia is the connect all option for the worlds biggest inconsistancies. Providing transparency at all the right times.

Why Solvia was founded.

The founding concept and idea behind the creation of Solvia.

The world is heading into an abyss from which there may never be a return to the moral values and liberties that each life is given by divine sovreignty. A disreputable sect using desception, money, power and influence instituted a silent insurection over the world. For many decades they penetrated the political and governing aspects of human culture. With a blind gullability the world has experienced a coup of epic proportion, whilst unkowingly supporting it's very initiatives. Each political or governing aspect that has been siezed was strategically taken. Planned and direct moves to acquire global dominance manipulating people to complete the objectives, as if they were playing a game of chess, where you don't even know you are a pawn of the game.

Cryptographic technology can change the world. Civilization is so advanced, that there is no reason for civilization to continue under the corrupted flaws of the current governance and economic system. Cryptocurrency is in it's construct unable to be corrupted. It is unable to be manipulated. It is unable to create a false world. It uses mathematics to secure it's transactions and the truth of the ledger. It uses a trustless system to enable a unity under technology that is more advanced than humanity, in just the short time it has existed. Understanding the abilities of Solvia's layer 1 abilites, the technology available today, and those technolgies that are supressed, it is clear that this project has an ability to change the fate of the world. The concept of consensus major, is the law of the ledger. It's time that same law was carried by the people and not the corrupted majistrate that controls the world. We are intelligent and able. It is the monetary control that alters the course of mankind. But under a more direct and nurturing ecosystem, combined with technological advancements, we as a people, can now govern ourselves. Solvia is able to directly make that impact and adjustment in these times, where even the weather is under the control of a diabolical cabal to scam everyone and erase the human race as we know it.

Strength through unity, is value by consensus. Each culture has it's own undeniable unity by heritage. But the entire world is a culture to all. A heritage that can not be lost, destroyed, erased or enslaved if unity of the people, reaches consensus. True value is in consensus of things used by the majority of people. Gold, oil, minerals, water, land and a multitude of values are in the very hands of every person to utlize with Solvia's technology. To connect, those values and then enable the driving economics to be held by a connected cryptographic smart contract and reborn into a cryptocurrency that when it reaches the worlds consensus, becomes it's liberation. Solvia is solving the current falibility being experienced by us under the rule of government and institutions. To continue under the principals and directives given to government would be a shame. "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Change is the only recourse to prevent these things from happening. Solvia. People. Consensus. It's the free will given to us by God, that is the same choice we need to make today. To understand that we are not grown as livestock to serve the cabal, but born with a divine sovereignty, that can also be made into divine unity. To enable each of us our own path forward in life, while requiring us to be responsible for all paths each person walks. That is empowerment of each person, and the liberation of civilization.

Solvia can connect each product and service the world has. It can be at everyone's fingertips.


Laws, under full knowledge of the consensus of people that makes it a law. It can be done so to vote on a law, you need to know the law.


Infastructure and the people who manage and work to keep it in place, will be under everyones control.

CEO Solvia

Small businesses can be built and kept from being consumed by banks and corporations lobbying for control.

CEO Solvia

Decentralized applications without a true economic governance by civilization, only survive as long as demand is higher than the inflationary values. For these reasons, to create sustainable solutions, each system needs a governance that relies on the vested interests of the majority. While being decentralized, these applications should also be able to adjust under the governance of a group of individuals who have accepted a high-risk capitol venture, to ensure that the system not only survives but grows stronger in value.

Michael Bradley

Solvia Defi

Solvia onchain Defi products.

  • Phoenix Node

  • 50% TERM
  • TERM Total Active Nodes
  • 20,000 SVA Required Collatoral
  • Grant Vote Yes
  • Application Dapp
  • Availability Everyone
  • Info
  • Nova Node

  • 40% TERM
  • TERM Total Active Nodes
  • 5,000 SVA Required Collatoral
  • Grant Vote Yes
  • Application Dapp
  • Availability Everyone
  • Info
  • Fulgar Node

  • 30% TERM
  • TERM Total Active Nodes
  • 2,000 SVA Required Collatoral
  • Grant Vote Yes
  • Application Dapp
  • Availability Everyone
  • Info
  • Validator

  • Set Validator Commission (owner choice)%
  • TERM: No Term
    1 SVA: Required Collatoral
  • Application and Requirements
    Information Coming Soon
  • Info




Current Solvia Made Applications


Current Exchanges


New Solvia Made Applications for 2023


Roadmap for 2023

Q 1

Roadmap Funding

Obtain Roadmap funding for IEO. Utilize applications and marketing for funding directives.

Q 2

Begin Phase 1 Development

Solvia Social website
ZOMP ICO/Zombie Puppets NFTS
Solvia DEX/NFT Market Place
Zombie Puppets: Evil Apocalypse

Q 3

Complete Phase 1 Development

Complete Phase 1 development and asses necessary updates.
Prepare Zombie Puppets: Evil Apocalypse launch marketing campaign.

Q 4

Final Phase 1 Development Action

Launch Zombie Puppets: Evil Apocalypse.
Continue Zombie Puppets NFT launch schedule.

Building the future.

Beginning the process of development.

Developing the foundation: Under the directive that Solvia has all these abilities to create an opportunity to become the primary blockchain method of achieving the liberation of civilization, will require a base foundation of functional prosperity applications. Solvia also needs to be less about permanent ability for large holders to gain the majority of the inflationary values that are created from blockchain rewards. It also needs to have the opportunity for those that are not able to have instant or probable ability to be a large holder, the ability to gain from the lower value they are ablet to contribute. It's rich vs poor by economic status that keeps a large gap between the controllers and the controlled.

Private, public and anonymous. The premise is justifiable in the need for transparency. These things can be easily assimilated and activated for the people of the world to have full knowledge and control over the requirements needed for civility to exist. The main practices of businesses, infastructure, legal, law enforcement and pharmaceutical contracts can be and should be transparent. Certain things will arise that will combat the solution based options Solvia provides, but it also can create it's own defense under the same principals of a contract for just that. Then there is voting. This is something that should be private. Thus influence and knowledge of your personal beliefs, idiologies and such can be private and unknown.
Blockchains are cryptographic so these aspects may seem to show a public action, like a TXID, but the action for creating the voting right can be privatized by the use of the same cryptography. It would show a vote was made, but the information contained would be under encrypted and unknown keys that were developed in bi-encrypted signatures, that are hidden on the blockchain excpet to the owner. Much like your private key is unknown until you give it away. But these "private keys" would be biosecured. This is not as complicated to make as you may think. There are distinct variables that clasify each of us. That is how fingerprints, facial recognition and even your walk can be signatures. Your very heart rate and beat can differentiate you from others. Then there are things you want to keep anonymous. This is also possible in a DEX trade or swap with anonymous cryptocurrencies that have the same layer 1 protocols. I can't give away all the details because, that would allow competitors to take this information and possibly develop it with other intentions. All three actions we need in our society are availble with Solvia.

Phase 1 is a base value: First we need to secure a base value. This is so Grants can build the ecosystem. The Grants will pay small businesses to use Solvia. The more small businesses, the more ability for those businesses to overcome and prevent Big Corporations from running them out of business. As more people use these small businesses, the more it takes from the big businesses and those that are invovled before the Big Businesses and Super Wealthy can get in and convert their money into Solvia, the value will have already enabled many of the less fortunate and small businesses to have a reliable cryptocurrency to facilitate transactions. This is where it gets BIG. Because when a corporation with the cash holdings of 100's of billions needs to convert because they are losing business and the consensus major of the population has gained any Solvia, based on ciruclation and all the Defi applications, Prosperity systems and multiple countless small busninesses in the world have the majority... Yes, the price could eclipse bitcoin by $ millions. Is that what will happen? The answer is up to you. It depends on the people creating the value buy consensus major. Then, like the premise behind creating Solvia, the value of humanity will have reached it's best opportunity for survival against a cabal that has infiltrated governments and ulilized military secrets to control your life.

Fulfilling a purpose

Combating Child Sex Trafficking: The goal of Solvia is in the development of it's Roadmap that enables the development of the DEX, which will enable an unstoppable exchange of the token ZOMP. Zombie Puppets: Evil Apocalypse will be developed to provide information and awareness to Child Sex Trafficking. A percentage of in game purchases will be donated to combat Child Sex Trafficking as well as funding services that provide help to victims of Child Sex Trafficking. This is one of the least funded severe and distressing crimes in the world. Over 1 million children go missing each year. Over 83,000 per month. 2,700 per day. 115 per hour. 1 child goes missing every 30 seconds. Institutions are abusing the powers given to them that enable them to utilize government departments like Child Protective Services. Organizations and facilities like Hospitals, are contributors and enablers of government subsidized child trafficking. Our Children cannot fight for themselves, it is OUR collective responsability to fight for them. Solvia lays the ground work to enable the game and future applications to be developed with immuttable abilities to keep the opportunity from obstruction or disabling of it's abilities. Contribute to Solvias development. Become engaged with it's development and participate in its applications and launches. Every action you provide to Solvia, is a chance for a child to survive.

Exodus 21:16
“Kidnappers must be put to death, whether they are caught in possession of their victims or have already sold them as slaves."
Mathew 18:5-6
5) “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me;
6) but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened round his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.
Mathew 18:10-14
10) “See that you do not despise one of these little ones; for I tell you that in heaven their angels always behold the face of my Father who is in heaven.
11) For the Son of man came to save the lost.
12) What do you think? If a man has a hundred sheep, and one of them has gone astray, does he not leave the ninety-nine on the hills and go in search of the one that went astray?
13) And if he finds it, truly, I say to you, he rejoices over it more than over the ninety-nine that never went astray.
14) So it is not the will of my Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish."


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